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Our Promise

Faster Customer Service.We Promise.


And for the ultimate experience. That's our goal each and every day. No matter how extreme the conditions, We delivers productsr. We look for every technological advantage to push the limits of what's possible and leave pretenders in our dust.

We manufacture our product  in our own facilities to our demanding standards. To ensure quality and consistency in our product, no matter where they are being sold - our product are never re-labled or re-spec'd.All materials provided to customers are real and, if fraud, the faster are willing to accept the investigation, and agreed to be bad behavior recording and evaluation, if any acts of bad faith, will voluntarily withdraw from the led lighting market.

Mission Statement

The mission of Faster’s Customer Service function is to always convey a passion for the customer and to consistently deliver the best service experience.

Vision Statement

Delivering Customer Satisfaction is about providing timely, responsive service with integrity, simplicity and a passion for excellence while meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations

Statement of Work

Customer Service is any activity provided by a Faster employee that enhances the ability of a customer to realize the full potential value of a Faster product or service before and after the sale is made, thereby leading to Customer Satisfaction and repurchase.

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