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China wholesale led lights manufacturers outdoor smd led wall light fixture

Product Concept:

Inspired by the founders heard the neighbors dialogue between the father and child .

It was a Sunday, Family Day,Mr. Lee's family just came back from the sea beach. Mr. Lee wanted to get off the picnic tools and children's toys , then Mr. Lee 3-year-old baby also ran to help his father. Mr. Lee said to his children: "CongCong, thank you. Dad can do by myself.It is dark, baby, be careful".

love picture, I am also a mother,then I was thinking if I could able to produce a light fixture to solve the father's worry? If there is a light fixture that can be sensed, it can be fixed outdoor so that it can be illuminated in the dark, and the important it is best to protect the baby's eyes. So WL100 and WL200 had come out.

Performance Summary:

* Product Type: Square Wall Lamp   
* Material : Aluminium + PC   
* Protection : IP65 
* Power:AC85-265V 
* Beam angle:120°
* Light color: 3000K (warm white) 
* Working Temperature:  -30°C to + 50°C 
* No flicker, anti-glare technology design 
* With door number stickers  
* Style: Suit for Modern building , fence facades





6w      150lumens     145*145*65mm
12w     200lumens    215*215*76mm
Sliver  / Black

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