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180degree decorative space tridimensional lamp 6W led Window hallway light

Product Concept:

Hotel 6W 180degree decorative space tridimensional lamp led Window light.Then the overall lighting can be changed according to the profile of building.                                                                                 

This new concept wall led light surface mount ceiling light for hotel hallway  is born for experienced light designers, it can be wildly used in luxurious villa, Luxury apartment, and commercial architecture, window, wall, passage, scene stage, gallery.


Performance Summary:

Model No.: WL500    
Power:  AC100-240V  
Max. Power:  6W    
Light color:  3000k/4000K/5000K
Light source:  Integrated LED
Finish: white/black/grey
Mounting type:  Wall  mountable 
Protection : IP55
Warranty:  3 years


Power:  6W
Dimensions: 145*100mm
Luminous flux: 840lumens

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