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WuChang QiYi Ancient Town Project

Client / WuChang QiYi Ancient Town Outdoor light Project /Products led wall washer linear light,led floodlight

Project Brief

In order to show history famous Wuchang revolution spirit,built a scenic area.finally goverment passed the lighting project in 2010.This is a innovative spirit against feudal oppression.

Following the uprising, several other uprisings quickly spread across southern China as part of the beginning of the Xinhai Revolution. The uprising and the eventual revolution directly led to the downfall of the Qing dynasty along with two millennia of imperial rule, and the establishment of the Republic of China (ROC).

FASTER Solution   
Like this city unified lighting project, it is necessary to co-ordinate the overall key projects . So as editorial, in order to save your time, I briefly explain the project.

1. ShouYi QiYi Town  lighting design

2. FengYu Gallery & FengJiang Pavilion related building lighting design

3. Led light product details

4. Lighting intelligent control system

5. Design specifications & standard

According to outline plan, the important lighting area of this project is the  ancient ShouYi QiYi door & wall ,which is to emphasize the ancient city walls of the uprising in order to demonstrate the historical significance of the project.

Therefore, the main wall of the  ShouYi QiYi door & wall,using high-power led floodlights to wash wall. Colorful changes, is like as running water, make it move.  At the colorful top of the FengYu promenade,is corresponding with running water , forming a classical lighting atmosphere. GuangWang Lou color is blue housetop , red walls.

Near lighting is relative to the ShouYi QiYi door & wall area ,which is FengYu Gallery and FengJiang Pavilion. FengJiang Pavilion & ShouYi QiYi door & FengYu Gallery, is formed the three primary colors.

Garden, squares, roads, steps, landscapes, flowers and trees is used garden lights, lawn lights, street lights, step lights, landscape lights ,playing a background role.

And design various buildings or roads. All buildings is more than 10, roads is more than 5. 

Shouyi East Road and West Road, the overall using  blue point light source and blue wash light  to draw outline, town logo is with warm led flexible light, bringing a warm retro visual.

This project  facade lighting desig also includes:

the JingGuang building

ChangXing building

NanFang building

ShunMing buildings

JingGuang building, ChangXing building is used many led point light source, controlled by an external DMX512 to achieve multi-pattern changes. NanFang building and ShunMing buildings , the main facade is used led linear and wall light, simple atmosphere.

One of this project,Hubei Province Construction Bank lighting design .The main product use led digital , led pixel source light,  drawing outline of the building.And side structure can design a unique pattern to increase building beauty .

"Performance and service are very satisfied, especially for the details of the repeated changes, but also a good attitude. In the end, the entire tourism industry increased by about 30%.” Project leader, Mr. Qian said.

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