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ZhongYang Hospital Outdoor Lighting Project

Client / JiaoMei Central Hospital Outdoor light Project /Products led linear,floodlight, wall light         

Project Brief Faster were commissioned to design the lighting for the first new public hospital in JiaoZuo more than 60 years, situated in No. 1 ,Health Road .It is expanded during four times(1948/1954/2008/2014), from a simple room, to be modern hospital with 21 floors ,and have many recognition.And they want to be first-class hospital in Yubei area in future.

The project brief was to turn the hospital into a iconic building had presence, which would stand out from afar to create a visual image that would entice people inside. Hospital wanted an external lighting scheme that would add visibility to the building from the approach roads. ;

FASTER Solution   
The concept of hospital focused on the brand's minimalist atmosphere, which is an efficient way to create the desired impact and visual brand awareness. We chose a simple white, providing the best lighting solution,  using linear lamps on  hospital main contours.

JiaoMei Central Hospital Project Manager & Business Development Mr Sun commented:

To/lowing a brief to enhance the exterior lighting. I approached FASTER and they offered linear solution and provided a prototype section for consideration. Mr Sun researched the market faster's linear proved to be the most effective solution on the market, with the spread of Sight required to deliver an outstanding effect. Following a successful installation we used the product at a further development and are new hoping to introduce the product as a specified item on future projects'.

Faster is a powerful wall grazing linear LED luminaire. After testing both versions, the standard bright was found to be best suited to the job. delivering the desired impact whilst adhering to local planning restrictions.

There was only a short time in which to delivery the fittings to the approved contractor and faster's manufacturing teams rose to the challenge. It was imperative that the product could be seamlessly integrated into the overall design from the outset. As the faster fittings are compact and designed to be placed end to end whilst maintaining an even effect, it was a simple job to install them into the pre-assembled liner cove housing. This housing was then attached to the external facade of the hospital.

Practically speaking, the scheme is incredibly easy to control by the staff at the restaurants, and the high efficiency.And sum up,total luminaires, as follows:
LED Linear 12W 1230pcs  LED flood light   10W 20pcs
LED point light source 1.5W  118pcs   30W 32pcs
LED in-ground  18W 4pcs   80W 2pcs

faster were very positive from  first point of contact. They delivered the product under a very demanding timescape hewing been introduced into specific projects at action the stage. They were also very versatile when working on costs, bearing in mind the potential future use of the linear lighting product.

"faster linear proved to be the most effective solution on the market, with the spread of light required to deliver an outstanding effect."client. Mr zhu said.

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