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DongChen LiYi Industrial Park Outdoor Lighting Project

Client / Foshang DongChen LiYi Industrial Park Outdoor light Project /Products Inground led linear light,led floodlight

Project Brief

Guangdong DongChen LiYi Group had built a modern urban industrial park with 170,000 square meters , which is the textile industry base in southern China. At present, the industrial park has specialized in the textile industry, the modernization workshop and warehouse, office, staff quarters, and shopping mall.

FASTER Solution   
According to the industrial park planning  , to show the development of knitting traditional industries. This is not only factory workers, but also office employee. A variety of stakeholder groups,and the wider design team throughout the design and construction phases to create a subtle but characterful space that balanced these complex needs whilst creating a memorable visitor experience.

A highly sustainable, all LED lighting scheme was devised by faster partner. whose strategy of integrating lighting into numerous building elements provided the required balance between functional and accent lighting. This approach allowed the design team to design discrete lighting details building and structural elements producing definition of these forms at night. Bespoke Rainbow Linear light provide the exterior of the industrial park building with special lighting, well designed and  which forms its focal point.

Rain linear luminaire proved to be the right choice with a fully integrated dimmable DMX driver for optimum control possibilities to tune the it effect. The slim 6mm profile ensured a discreet presence on the facade.Its length and height can be customized according to the characteristics of the building. The optical element allows us to wash the average and progressive rays onto the facade we want.Its optics allowed us to achieve the even and gradual wash of light onto the facade we wanted.

As well as highlighting the broad expanse of the facade. we also wanted to have some Technological feeling with the some lighting effect, so that the horizontal surfaces would be illuminated as well, adding interest and drawing the eye towards the facade itself. The product we used needed to be changeable in a range of lengths to suit the variation in space available. Being grade listed meant that the luminaire fixings had to be located in existing mortar lines to ensure no damage was done to the facade - and this all had to be considered.

The pedestrian street on the ground of the park, using Faster in- ground light with , with warm white, from in-ground luminaires grazes up the ground monotonous of the building to reveal the brickwork, connecting the facade to the ground plane at night.

In - ground  light is modular , can be any combination of puzzle applications, using high-strength die-casting aluminum and tempered glass, double waterproof design.Any length can be customize.

“The overall effect is spectacular, yet elegant, with the facade creating the perfect backdrop against which the new industrial park and shopping mall sit“”client.  project manager Mr Wang said.

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