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Jilin HunJiang Bridge Project

Client / Baishang Huangjiang Bridge light Project /Products led wall washer linear light,led floodlight

Project Brief

Hunjiang Bridge is located in the southeastern of Jilin Province, the foot of Changbai Mountain (126°41'E & 42°N).It is connected Tonghua County, near baishangshi goverment office .Which is important role  for the city's political, economic, cultural and trade.

Hunjiang originated in Beishan Sanchazi Valley, is the largest river in Yalu River system ,which flows through many area.The destination city is Dandong City, and then flows to the Yellow Sea.

The bridge has 30 years of history, is the design of China's classic bridge. Now want  to install led fixtures,let it more pretty.

FASTER Solution   
Like this bridge  lighting project, it is necessary to co-ordinate the near lighting. Steet light had installed on the bridge,so  bightness is ok. Design is just add some led pixel and led digital light fixtures.

These light fixtures is easy to install,labor cost is cheaper than other.Then also can have colorful light,let bridge more beautiful.

Consider the bridge also have people and car will come and go. So North Roadside construction is closed ,but south road  is normal roads. Construction of bridges is staggered at the peak of traffic. It will not cause public inconvenience.

Low power consumption ,integrated packaging LED source has a dedicated heat dissipation system, high quality LED and long life span-50,000hours.

Imported PC housing, lower weight and much safer than tranditional tube .Well designed reasonable light distribution,waterproof, anti-shock,anti-aging,ant-ultraviolet,dustproof,which is the perfect for outdoor situation.
To demonstrate the color, three color, seven-color, para jumping, chasing, full-color, water and other effects. Auto-control system / DMX control systerm, increases energy efficiency., each guardraill can be addressed by DMX address writer.

 It is used wide range to draw the outline of various bridge .
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