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Outdoor ip65 led digital tube project light

Product Description:

Designed for Low Voltage Applications.The LED Linear Light Bar system is extremely versatile and scalable, can be adapted to nearly any waterproof linear lighting .Fully homogenous illumination across the entire surface. Can be surface mounted, semi recessed or recessed for walkover applications.

Provides perfect colour saturation. Plug and socket inter connection of modules for simple Installation. Offers brighter whites emit up to 1000 lumensand 15% brighter RGB versions than the others. The  LED Linear Light Bar system has an extensive selection of accessories to make any lighting project easier.

Performance Summary:

Model No.: LL28    
Power:  DC24V  
Light color:  warmwhite,white,red,yellow,blue,green, RGB
Light source:  Integrated LED
Finish: White
Mounting type:  Wall  mountable 
Control: Can choose DMX512
Protection : IP65
Warranty:  3 years



Max. Power:  12W

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