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DMX driver unique A compact 24V linear rainbow led project luminaire

Product Concept:

This is the newest rainbow series.When the light is closed it is a transparent crystal, also having pretty visual effects.When light is opening it is like crystal colorfule rainbow.

Fully dimmable DMX driver unique to faster provides simple on site addressing via magnetic sensor.Each  luminaire is an independent pixel, and with high-strength aluminum base. And the installation is simple and reliable. Mainly used for glass wall lighting.

Light evenly,plastic full potting waterproof design,outdoor lightning protection and electrostatic (ESD) special protection design,glass wall lighting best solutions.


Performance Summary:

Model No.: LL100    
Power:  24V  
Light color:  warm  white,whit,red,yellow,blue,green,RGB
Light source:  Integrated LED
Finish : Nano Transparent Acrylic
Mounting type:  Wall  mountable 
Control: Can choose DMX512
Protection class: IP65
Warranty:  3 years


Max. Power:  10W
Luminous flux: 1000lumens
Dimensions: 1000*50*25mm
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