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Coral Led Strip Tape FST-TP Series

Labor Saving LED Solution for Channel Letters            

Snails LED strip tape lighting distinguish you from the competition,it is flexible solution for illuminating routed acrylic block letter, shallow channel letter, and backlit halo letter applications.                                                                    
It includes a self-adhesive backing—which eliminates screw attach-ments, can be cut every 2 inches, and is available with electrical connectors that make assembly a snap, slashing labor expense.Most of influences for the shallow signage came from engineers and architects who prefer the thinner profiles for a cleaner look and improved aesthetics.                  
For High Output lighting situations, Snails LED strip tape,now also available in white,red,green,blue,other.       

More Faster and Easier    
   Low-profile, flexible strip lighting                
   Bendable in both flat and radial directions                
   Double thick copper  crafts circuit boards, let their heat dissipation, flexible ,pressure, insulation performance better                 
   Quick and simple installation using clamp-on connectors                
   Easy mounting on back or return of channel letter with self adhesive back; no screw attachments                
   Can be cut every 2 inches at marked points                
   Electrical connectors available, no soldering of wires                
   Applications: shallow channel letter, backlit halo letter,                
    routed acrylic block letter                
   3-Year Warranty                
   IP66 with an enclosure                
   Available in regular and high output (white only)               


1 Carton:25 reel * Coral led strip tape light ;

One reel size:5000*8*2mm (16' 4" *0.315" *0.086" );

One reel weight:200g(0.44 lbs);
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