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Octopus led high bay release in September 2016-09-01

After six months of optimization, new products, FASTER RH octopus series finally had finished, from scratch a process, as editor is still a little excited, and look forward to.

This is not all company personnel, participate in new product study and discussion. Product manager, said the source of the product, due to the needs of customer warehouse, and some schools of sports venues need high-brightness lighting. So there is a faster this new product. From the sales department to the assembly workers are targeted learning, from unfamiliar, to like it.

New products of course, each stage in the implementation process will encounter a variety of problems, faster in the implementation  process will be a good time to set a good node in order to ensure that the entire project on schedule. It can be said is the king of the warehouse, I heard that some old customers have been booked.

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